Members of the British Columbia Lapidary Society may contact the webmaster to have items for sale posted on this page. It is up to the discretion of the webmaster to determine the suitability of the items requested for posting.

Euneke Faceting Machine

The Richmond Gem and Mineral Society is selling a Euneke Faceting Machine for $1,900. Photos can be found by viewing the PDF poster. Contact George Howe for information at

E-50 Highland Park Lapidary Machine SOLD

The Fraser Valley Rock & Gem Club is selling an E-50 Highland Park Lapidary Machine for $700. An 8" rock saw is attached. Contact Carol Alexander at or by phone at 604-534-7387.

Hilmar's Equipment Sale

Hilmar is selling a collection of lapidary equipment. The equipment is located in Coquitlam. Contact Hilmar at 604-464-2147 for an appointment to view.

20" Lapidary Slab Saw SOLD

Hilmar is selling an oil cooled, hydraulic movement lapidary slab saw with a 20" diamond blade for $400. Includes a second used blade and a bucket of cutting oil. It would need to be picked up from Coquitlam and will require four strong people to lift into a vehicle suitable for transport. Hilmar can be contacted at 604-464-2147.

22" Oscillating Flat Lap SOLD

Rubber installed on perimeter and rubber feet for quiet operation. HEAVY!

Lortone TS 8 (Trim Saw)

Comes with 6" very thin blade and a clear plastic cover.

Covington 10" Trim Saw

Can be cooled with oil or water.

8" Diamond Rotating Flat Lap SOLD

Comes with 5 exchangeable wheels with different diamond grits: 260 / 400 / 800 / 1500 / 3000.

Lortone Beaver Arbor SOLD

With four 8" sanding belts ("EXACT FIT").

Lortone Arbor SOLD

With three 8" wheels. Silicon carbide 220 grit. Diamond 80 grit. Diamond 220 grit.

Dunbar Arbor SOLD

Two 8" sanding belts. Vertical 8" leather polishing wheel.

April Equipment Sale

The BCLS is excited to make the following equipment available, starting with our member clubs. It was acquired from a BCLS member who has recently retired from the hobby. The equipment is located in Abbotsford and is sold as is, where is. To our knowledge it is all in working order. Orders will be processed on a first come, first serve basis. To order, please email the webmaster at listing the items and their respective prices.

Spool Polisher

Arbor #1

With sanding wheels and motor.

Arbor (L)

With expanding drum, felt wheel, motor, base.

Arbor (R)

No wheels, includes splash guards which will fit 8-inch diamond wheels, and base.


12 Inch Lortone Slab Saw

Auto feed, motor, new base, used blade.

Jade from Sandra

Sandra Hooff has has approximately 400 pounds of nephrite jade blocks for sale at $20 per pound. Pictures show close measurements, larger blocks are about 50 pounds, can measure and weigh for accuracy for anyone interested. As a reference, the two smallest pieces are 11.2 and 7.4 pounds. Sandra can be contacted at or by phone or text at 604-414-4594.

Jade from Avis

Avis Lapham is selling two blocks of nephrite jade They are both 6 1/4" x 5 1/4". The first is 3 1/2" wide and weighs 12.5 pounds ($325) and the second is 3 3/4" wide and weighs 13.5 pounds ($350). All measurements are approximate. She can be contacted through email at

Equipment from the Vauthrins

Ron Vauthrin is selling the following equipment. He can be contacted at 604-607-1213 or at the email address provided in the photos.

Sell or Trade
Ripple Rock Gem and Mineral Club

The Ripple Rock Gem and Mineral Club has a sell/trade page on their web site. Check it out, maybe you will find that item you have been looking for.