Rock Lovers Round-Up Tailgate

The Rock Lovers Pitstop organizes the annual tailgate sale that takes place on the Saturday of the BC Gem Show. Tailgate sales are informal; anyone with rocks to sell can contact us to book a table. The 2023 tailgate sale will be in the building adjacent to the main show floor at Chilliwack Heritage Park. The new space is heated, features a cement floor and powerful overhead lighting. To book, please contact Mike Blampied by email at

Rock Lovers Pitstop

The Rock Lovers Pitstop was founded in 2004 as an MSN group and now operates on Facebook. It was created to be a family friend group of like minded people who like to communicate with each other. Over the years the 3000+ members throughout North America have made trips to meet each other and share in rockhounding adventures.

2024 Spring Tailgate Sale

May 11, 2024
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Chilliwack Heritage Park
44140 Luckakuck Way
Chilliwack, BC