BC Rockhounder

The BC Rockhounder has celebrated 60 years in publication! It was for a time known as The Canadian Rockhounder Magazine.

It serves as a go-to source for rockhounding and lapidary information, resources and newsletter for clubs around the province under the umbrella of the British Columbia Lapidary Society. It also contains great articles on BC history, earth sciences and features regular columns.

Rockhounder Status

Beginning in 2020 the Rockhounder will be published throughout the year in electronic format. The magazine will be emailed to active members of the British Columbia Lapidary Society as issues become available. To submit ideas for articles, contact the Editor, Greg Carson, at rockhounder@bclapidary.com.

Volumes and Issues

We will be providing an archive of past Rockhounder magazines here in electronic format.

Volume/Issue Download Regular Download High Resolution
2020, Issue #2 (June)Regular SizeHigh Resolution
2020, Issue #1 (March)Regular SizeHigh Resolution